Damola Ogundipe

Damola Ogundipe has a background in business operations, consultancy and mobile applications. For several years he created and led voter registration drives at the University of Minnesota, where he also earned a degree in Finance. This experience ignited his interest in the civic/government tech industry. He started his own healthcare informatics consulting practice that equipped him with the knowledge of running and growing a business.

For the last 3 years, he has led a Minneapolis based startup called Civic Eagle. The mission of Civic Eagle is to increase civic engagement at the local and state level through the use of digital and mobile technology. As the founder of Civic Eagle, he has led diversity and inclusion workshops across the Twin Cities; spoken at countless amounts of schools and community programs about technology in underrepresented populations; and created events that help to cultivate a spirit of openness as it relates to discussions of race, equity, and inclusion.

Civic Eagle is a technology company that uses data, video broadcasting, ubiquitous connectivity, and mobile technology to increase civic engagement, through two different platforms. His vision is for Civic Eagle to be the number one civic/gov tech company in the world.