If you're ready to get the support you need to take your company to the next level while taking your community to the next level at the same time, we want to hear from you.

We know that applying for the Residency might feel intimidating. For some of you, the application itself will be a forcing function to think through your business. We want to know you are really dedicated to the work. Giving yourself time to complete the application is important. As a way to help you understand what we are looking for, we have created two sets of criteria. One for you, the entrepreneur, and one for your business. These are here to help you understand the kind of person and business we believe will be successful in this opportunity. 

This is about getting YOU resources. We want to make sure that we are setting you up for success. We’ve got your back, and if there are any questions, please reach out to residency@code2040.org or tweet us @CODE2040.

Key Dates

September 2016: Application launch
October 2016: Application closed
March 2017: EIRs announced

Application Materials

The Residency application consists of two components:

  • Written application (we recommend writing your answers in a different document, then copying them over to the application to avoid losing information)
  • YouTube video introducing the founders and the venture (we will not review applications submitted without a video)

Be prepared to submit both of these items by October 2016. We can't wait to read your application!

Application Stages

Stage 1: Written application and YouTube video review by CODE2040
Stage 2: Quarter finalists phone interviews with CODE2040
Stage 3: Semi finalists phone interviews with tech hubs
Stage 4: Finalists in-person interviews with CODE2040 and tech hubs


CODE2040 Residency program eligibility requirements are twofold.

Applicant eligibility:

  • Self-identify as Black or Latina/o
  • Have lived in the city in which they will be an EIR for at least a year
  • Be a founder of an early stage venture
  • Be the CEO and/or ultimate decision maker for the business (Companies can be run by more than one individual, however, only one individual will be selected as an EIR. The EIR must be the ultimate decision maker in the enterprise.)
  • Have the intent to work full-time on the venture for the term of the Residency
  • Be committed to impacting the racial, ethnic, and gender demographics of their local tech community

Venture eligibility:

  • Be the original idea of the applicant
  • Be an early stage venture, usually within the first three years of operation
  • Be a For-profit, or B. Corp


Applicant Criteria

Tie to Community

We want to see that you have a relationship with the city you are applying in. Show us the ways in which you have tried to lead within your geography, your racial/ethnic community, gender/sexuality, etc. Applicants who have a tie to the community often carry a deep understanding of the systemic issues keeping diversity out of their ecosystem.

Passion and drive for something bigger

Show us why you are passionate for entrepreneurship and access for black and Latino communities. Why is launching your business and participating in D&I work about more than just you? What about your idea and your personal history make you want to lead? Help us see evidence that you infuse the people around you with this passion. You are responsible for attracting resources, what strategies have you used in the past to do this?

Authenticity and Self-Awareness

All leaders are flawed because people are flawed. Show us you understand what your personal challenges will be as a leader. We want to know that you’ve thought about your own fallibility and are using the supports around you to help you move and grow, year over year. Have you thought about your own racial identity? What is your relationship to intersectionality? Does your awareness of self impact your ability to be truly inclusive to all people?

Be someone that people can count on

How have you demonstrated your responsibility to the people around you? Lots of people have great ideas, but true leadership comes in execution. We want to see that you can execute, prioritize, communicate, and plan proactively. 

Continuous Learning

The best CEO’s and diversity leaders are on a continuous growth arc. How are you seeking the information that will make you better? What do you know about your industry? What feedback have you sought out about your own abilities? How have you been deeply curious about the structural and tactical barriers to success? Are you able to demonstrate learning about diversity? Are you open to new information about communities that are not your own?


Venture Criteria


We want to see how your venture is different. What have you created that is solving for a need that hasn’t been explored? Your idea doesn’t need to be brand new, but it should be creative in its execution and product.

Importance and necessity

What consumer problem is your company solving? Why is your solution indispensable? Why are you uniquely positioned to solve this in a different way? What do you know that others don’t? 

A well thought out hypothesis and plan

Running a business is hard. It takes discipline and enthusiasm. We’d like to know you have spent time laying out your thoughts, considering financials, and creating a roadmap to success. You do not have to have everything solved, but we want to see that you are thinking about your short-term and long-term timelines logically and realistically.


Due to the expertise and focus areas of CODE2040, the respective tech hubs, and Google for Entrepreneurs - all companies must be software or hardware technology ventures. We have no preference between business, consumer, mobile, or social products, but all businesses must be technology products or services. This does not include a online store front for a brick and mortar store.