Frequently asked questions

What's an EIR?

A Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) is an integral part of the Code2040 family. You are an entrepreneur working on a tech platform, mobile, software or hardware product full-time in one of our partner cities, while simultaneously participating in the integration of the Black and Latinx technical and entrepreneurial community in your city's partner tech hub. 

Who can be an EIR?

Have you already developed the first iteration of your platform, app, or product? Applicants should have a technology product or service that are in the prototype or MVP stage. We only work with founders of tech companies. While we encourage ideas, we can’t accept EIR applicants without proof of concept at this time. 

  • Code2040 EIRs must self-identify as Black or Latinx
  • Must currently live (and have lived for at least one year) in the city in which they will be an EIR
  • Be a founder or co-founder; you must have decision making power
  • Have the intent to work full-time on the venture for the term of the Residency
  • Commit to working full-time at the tech hub for the term of the Residency
  • Be committed to impacting the racial, ethnic, and gender demographics of their local tech community
  • You don't need to know how to code
  • You don't need to be a certain age and we don't have a preference for age
  • You don't need to have a degree

You can read more details about eligibility here.

How do we define tech?

Tech is an innovation using software or hardware. The backbone of your business needs to be using code, design, and user capability on a mobile phone, computer, or another device. We accept applications from folks who are using pre-made templates, APIs, and/or web apps that you customize to meet your tech needs. We do not support non-tech ventures at this time. 

What's a tech hub?

A tech hub is a co-working space at the heart of a tech community. We partner with seven of these innovative spaces for the Residency Program. 

What are the EIRs' areas of responsibility?

Our EIRs have two areas of focus. First, they will be launching or iterating a tech company they’ve created. Second, they will be moving the needle on a diversity goal with their local tech hub, connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem with Black and Latinx communities and talent.

EIRs are responsible for:

  • With their hub, co-creating a diversity goal and plan for their community to implement throughout the year
  • Overseeing the implementation of their diversity goal throughout the year (time commitment varies by week, depending on goal and plan)
  • Monthly reporting on progress towards their business and diversity goals
  • Joining the leadership team of their hub and being present at hub staff meetings
  • Spending at least 80% of their work time in the provided space at the hub to foster community relationships
  • Attending quarterly retreats and possibly additional travel to other hubs or conferences
  • Onboarding and managing an intern

What resources/support does the EIR get?

During their term, each EIR receives:

  • Free coworking space in your city’s tech hub
  • Quarterly Lean Startup retreats with Code2040
  • A trip to the Googleplex in Silicon Valley for workshops led by Google for Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities to attend professional and industry focused conferences
  • Resources from Code2040 and your tech hub to create community impact through diversity, inclusion, and community building events throughout the year
  • A paid intern to help you plan and implement your diversity goals
  • We want to be your friends & family. That is why we will invest $40,000 with no equity taken (the money may be taxed)

What is the term of the EIR?

Selected individuals for the 2017 cohort will be EIRs for one year, from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. 

What cities are you working in and why?

We partner with Google for Entrepreneurs to implement this program. We work with tech hubs/cities that are within the GfE North America Tech Hub Network. You must be currently living in one of the cities below and have lived there for at least the last year.

How do I apply?

Applications are now closed. You can contact us with further questions at