Elias Ramirez


Elias Ramirez is a senior at California State University, Monterey Bay where he is majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering. He grew up in the town of Salinas, California, which is known as the leader in the world's salad bowl where 80 percent of lettuce consumed in the US is grown. However, Elias' parents did not want him anywhere near agriculture, or at least the backbreaking labor side of it. It was their ambitious work in the fields that has led him to have pride and determination towards his work, and his strength in logic and curiosity that has directed him to the wonderful field of Computer Science. He is currently learning anything he can pick up on computer science, but has a peculiar interest in the complexity of machine learning. Elias will be interning at Panafold this summer, and is eager to see where this opportunity takes him.