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The Code2040 Fellows Program

The Code2040 Fellows Program builds bridges between top, college-level Black and Latinx computer science students who want to access the Innovation Economy and have been historically overlooked and companies who are in need of this talent. In the process, Fellows gain the network and experience they need to have careers in the sector and company partners learn how to operationalize diversity and inclusion with entry level candidates.

Our Code2040 Fellows spend their summer in an intensive career accelerator between June and August. Fellows intern at a top-tech company and participate in a series of workshops designed to equip them with the tools and resources they need to navigate the tech industry and build an exciting career.

And they won’t do this alone: Being a Fellow means building community with other Black and/or Latinx technologists, receiving support from mentors and managers, redefining the future and face of tech, and ensuring other technologists from their community have the opportunity to succeed in the innovation economy.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student planning to return to school in the fall semester following the internship (Fall 2018)

  • Have experience coding

  • Attend a U.S. college or university

  • Demonstrate leadership potential

  • Self-identify as Black and/or Latinx

Our 2018 Application Is Closed.

2018 Fellows Program: important dates

  • Welcome Weekend: June 15 - June 16

This 400-person launch event and conference is designed to build community. 2018 Fellows will learn program expectations and guidelines and engage with Code2040’s most important stakeholders, both students and volunteer mentors.

  • Hack4Diversity Demo Day: July 21

This is Code2040’s demo day for the summer-long Fellows’ hack for social good, an annual high point for Fellows that includes learning opportunities and modeling for project management and team collaboration.

  • Reverse Career Fair + Wrap Party: August 11

Ending the summer on a high note, this year we pair the Reverse Career Fair with the final Wrap Party. The Reverse Career Fair brings together amazing Code2040 Fellows talent with top tech companies in a setting where students are the ones who have the tables and companies jockey to visit. The Wrap Party marks the close of the 2018 Fellows Program with a closing circle and celebration, inviting Fellows into a quickly growing alumni community.

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