First Years on Campus

We've heard how isolating it can be to be one of the few people of color in your classes, how discouraging to not know any professors who look like you, and how difficult it is to make it through your first year in Computer Science with limited resources. So, we created a program specifically for Black and Latino/a CS majors in their first year. 

First Years On Campus (FYOC) is a year-long cohort program that will provide you the support you need as a first year in the CS major, including but not limited to:

  • Tours of tech companies
  • Q&A panels featuring tech professionals of color
  • Monthly events in partnership with tech companies, to give you insight into the tech industry
  • Online web workshops geared towards preparing you for a future internship: we'll teach you how to craft the perfect resume, ace your interviews, and negotiate the best offer! 
  • New friends and new connections! We'll not only connect you to other Black and Latino/a CS majors in your area but also connect you to tech professionals of color in our network.
  • Mentorship to provide that one on one support you need

Our goal is to reach Black and Latino/a freshmen as soon as you all start in CS, so you have the support system to not only pass your classes but thrive as a CS major. Best of all, if accepted, this program will come at no cost to you! 

We’re piloting FYOC starting in the 2016/2017 academic year in one location: right here at home in Northern California. 

What's in it for you?


  • We'll connect you with a mentor currently working in the tech industry, who will meet with you regularly, share articles, connections and advice, and generally support you throughout the year


Internship Prep:

  • We'll help you get your resume ready, your interview skills polished, and your confidence up
  • You'll work in groups throughout the year on personal projects that show hiring managers you're ready to be a part of their team

Tech Connections:

  • Monthly events sponsored by CODE2040 tech Company Partners that will connect you with the innovation happening on the ground in the tech industry
  • Regular workshops sponsored by tech companies to build your engineering skills and provide real life application to the theories you're learning in class

Network Building:

  • You'll connect with other Black and Latino/a CS majors on your campus and on nearby campuses to share knowledge, commiserate on challenges, and build projects together
  • As a part of the CODE2040 family, you'll have access to our network, including hiring managers, Venture Capitalists, software engineers, and other CS students of color around the country.

Tech Trek:

  • First Years on Campus will culminate in Spring with an alternative spring break called Tech Trek. This will be a week-long, all expenses paid spring break for the FYOC cohort where we will visit dozens of tech companies in Silicon Valley, further develop your leadership skills, bond and build community, and practice your networking. Dates are to be decided.

“[Before Tech Trek,] I didn't feel like I qualified for any [job or internship] because I didn't feel like I had any qualifications that tech companies were looking for. Now I feel like I have a better understanding of what tech companies are looking for in future employees, and I have a better understanding of how to build my skills.”

Application Criteria

  • Self-identifying Black or Latino/a 
  • First year as a Computer Science major, or first year on campus with the intention of declaring Computer Science
  • Attending a university in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento/Davis, or northern Central Valley -- preferably a maximum of 3 hours driving distance from SF
  • Passionate and excited about Computer Science, diversity in tech, and making an impact!



Key Dates

June 1st, 2016: Application launch

Deadline to be announced. 



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