Halimah Jones

Executive Assistant, VP of Programs

Halimah wore many hats before joining Code2040 as Executive Assistant. Previously she taught low-income high school students communication and advocacy strategies in regards to their health, was a lead instructor at Galileo Summer Quest which is an summer immersion program focused on mindset and innovation development for middle school students, spent a summer with the International Rescue Committee in Oakland and has spent three years conducting research studies on health mindsets, narrative identity, and achievement. All of these experiences have led her to Code2040’s passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated team.

A 2016 graduate of Northwestern University, Halimah studied Human Development, Psychology, and Global Health while in school. She is originally from College Station, Texas so if you ask, yes, her blood runs maroon. She is a master of emojis and memes and anything internet-related. Nostalgia is also her favorite past-time including singing 90s tunes and quoting movies religiously.