Javier Evelyn

Javier Evelyn has a background in software development, mobile applications, and business management. Throughout his career, he has been a firm believer in providing the ideal customer experience. From a multi billion dollar health insurance company to startups, he has been responsible for the full life cycle development of digital projects, from initial requirement gathering to design, coding, testing, documentation and implementation. His boldness, resourcefulness, and hustle are the foundational pieces to his success. He happens to be one of the now over 15 million Americans that suffer from food allergies. The way that this condition has affected his overall quality of life, led to the creation of Alerje.

As a lifelong food allergy sufferer he had a goal to create a more convenient, modern, and cost effective solution to fit the needs of today’s food allergy sufferer. He successfully redesigned and created an epinephrine auto-injector sized to fit into a smartphone case which will communicate with a mobile app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. In the event that the device is used during an anaphylactic medical emergency, the mobile app will send alerts to a user’s “CareCircle” (family, friends, caregivers, medical professional, etc.) that will include their current location. Furthermore, users will be sent push notifications whenever their medication is approaching its expiration date to meet patient adherence.

He aims to redefine the approach to the treatment of the food allergies through the development of innovative mobile phone case designs in combination with patient driven mobile applications.