Jonnie “Jo” Williams

Jonnie Williams possesses more than 10 years of management experience with detailed knowledge in community outreach, diversity engagement, and communications. She has run and participated in a number of impactful community programs in the city of Atlanta. Her passion lies in developing and implementing economic development programs to encourage economic success within low income communities.

Groupiiie is a technology-based platform that provides a space to coordinate activities and actions with others. By connecting with others via activities that one likes or by trying new things, Groupiiie encourages interacting with diverse people and experiences. The purpose of Groupiiie is to encourage action, not only action through physical activities, but by doing activities with people you do not know thus engaging in social action. Her vision for Groupiiie is to create a platform that removes walls of personal perception in order to meet new people and create new experiences that are generated by the users in the interests of the users.