Juan Porras

Juan Porras graduated with a double major in Economics, Public Policy, and a Markets and Management Certificate from Duke University, in Durham, NC. He played a significant role in establishing the first Florida statewide technology commercialization initiative bridging public universities and private research institutions, and also helped launch a non-profit technology incubator that assisted over 100 technology related companies per year with public grants totaling over $350,000. The end result was a sustainable ecosystem that began showcasing successful Latinx entrepreneurs, which in turn, attracted more individuals into the technology sector. He also serves as a Board Member of Radii Digital Marketing - a full stack digital marketing provider in the Central and South American region.

He currently serves as the CEO and founder of Factivate.- a business intelligence (B.I.) tool for marketing and advertisers who currently use spreadsheets to run their data analysis. His vision for the company is simple: Factivate will build the best products that make an employee's life better. In the end, he hopes to replace old spreadsheet tools like Excel, give users the benefits provided by expensive B.I. platforms, and democratize the data analysis experience. In short, their users will be able to build their own B.I. systems using nothing but a Factivate spreadsheet.