julian turley

Recruitment & Program Associate, Fellows Program

Julian Turley is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he majored in Political Science. While he studied at Michigan he chaired the Research and Education committee at the Black Student Union and participated in the world-wide trending #BBUM (Being Black at the University of Michigan) campaign. In addition, to being a social justice activist he is also Co-Founder at Nomsy, which is a tech start-up to help those who have dietary restrictions find foods that fit their lifestyle. During his time at Nomsy, he participated in an accelerator and was invited to the White House for President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative”. When Julian wasn’t too busy with being a student entrepreneur he was teaching an entrepreneurial practicum with Brandon McNaughton of Akadeum Life Sciences. 

Prior to his studies at Michigan, Julian created a t-shirt for ArtPrize, an international art competition, which was sold at local stores in Grand Rapids. As well, he started a student organization that raised $10,000 to develop community gardens for his school and was honored in the Parade Magazine. 

When Julian decides to be human, he loves to listen to music, create new experiences, and walk. He likes to walk A LOT!!!