Kristen Sonday

Kristen Sonday graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Politics, with emphasis on Latin American Studies. Her firsthand experience overcoming barriers as they relate to diversity in educational level, gender, race, and socioeconomic condition have well positioned her to cultivate a diverse community within Chicago. As a first-generation college Latina passionate about social justice, Kristen worked on international criminal matters with the U.S. Department of Justice after graduating from Princeton before joining the founding team of Grouper (YC ‘12). At Grouper, she took the membership base from 300 to 300,000+, pitched and onboarded over 230 partner venues, and led Grouper’s expansion to 25 additional cities.

As co-founder and COO of Paladin, she is responsible for operations management and business development in helping mobilize the United States's 1.3 million attorneys to increase access to justice through the power of pro bono. Paladin helps law firms, companies and law schools manage their pro bono with streamlined sourcing, tracking and outcome reporting on a modern, tech-forward platform to increase access to justice. Paladin is the perfect intersection of her love for social justice and tech, with a platform to help scale access to justice and mobilize existing talent to help those in need. Long term, Kristen has the vision for Paladin to be the go-to CSR platform for professional services across industries, both domestically and internationally.