Lauren Espina

Marketing and Communications Manager

Born in the San Fernando Valley, Lauren is a first-generation Filipinx American who was raised with three sisters by two immigrant parents and a massive extended family.

Lauren left Southern California in 2008 and headed for San Francisco, where she studied Communications at the University of California. It was at USF that she first experienced a classroom setting in which she was not a minority. The diversity at USF inspired her to get involved with community organizing around music, art, and social justice. She graduated in 2012 and immediately joined the burgeoning tech workforce in the Bay Area. She climbed the ladder at her first job out of college, scaling from intern to Director of Communications and PR within 6 years.

At the same time, as San Francisco grew more expensive and less diverse. The unbearable lack of inspiration and inclusion within tech and the local art community led her to launch Sea Witch Productions. The company quickly earned local notoriety around it's efforts to unite and engage the creative circles and great thinkers of the Bay Area and beyond. The organization is dedicated to promoting equal representation in the arts and creating interesting environments for both artists and patrons through shows, benefits, and the feminist publication, The Sea Witch Zine.

Bridging the gap between her professional marketing experience and her passion for activism, she joined the Code2040 team as the Marketing and Communications Manager in 2018. As a WOC and as an ally in this work, she's excited to be a part of a team where she can grow and learn both personally and professionally.