Communications Coordinator

Nadia Gathers is the Communications Coordinator at CODE2040. She graduated cum laude from Converse College, where she designed the institution's Social Entrepreneurship curriculum.

During her collegiate career, she created a nationally recognized action plan to increase gender diversity in the C-suite alongside the benefit corporation, Womenetics. She also worked with Buffalo, New York tech start-ups to do the not-so-glamorous dirty work of starting a business. She helped create the nation's first environmentally responsive, permanent outdoor video installation, The Front Yard. She's been a facilitator at workshops for at-risk high school students, and coached an all-girls basketball team to a co-ed league championship. Most notably, she once taught a second grader how to read.

Nadia is passionate about catalyzing social movements on a local level. When not actively overthrowing the patriarchy, she enjoys running, and making tea.