Yscaira Jimenez

Yscaira Jimenez is a social entrepreneur dedicated to improving the educational and labor outcomes of underserved groups, particularly youth without college degrees. She is a 2014 Echoing Green, Carroll Wilson, and MIT Legatum Fellow. She graduated MIT Sloan in 2014 and Columbia University in 2003.

Yscaira is the founder of LaborX, a job matching platform for entry level candidates with non-traditional educational backgrounds and underrepresented folks. Her skills and experience in creating, launching and running LaborX demonstrates that she is not only able to cultivate diverse community in the greater Bay Area but has already started utilizing her own knowledge and problem-solving skills to tackle this problem on her own. Her work with LaborX is a direct response to the lack of diversity in tech. She works with vocational training programs and bootcamps to create a diverse talent pipeline for companies. By cultivating these partnerships and pre-screening candidates for her talent platform, she is creating an ecosystem of diverse candidates. LaborX’s candidates are women, people of color, immigrants, single moms, veterans, members of the LGBTQQ community, and other groups that have been traditionally left out of the new economy. LaborX’s purpose is to connect low opportunity individuals to living wage jobs in the new economy, increasing pathways out of poverty.

Her vision is that all companies will hire people for great jobs based on skills, not pedigree. She sees a world where anyone who can do a job can get a job, regardless of whether they have a college degree. In the next 5 years, she wants to place 10,000 low opportunity individuals from alternative programs such as boot camps, vocational training programs, and community colleges in living wage jobs.