We recognize that many people in our community and in the sector at large are passionate about creating change, and we want to ensure they are able to take action wherever they are. So we created The Community Mobilization Department.

Founded in 2017, the Community Mobilization department is charged with developing high-impact online and offline experiences that inspire and mobilize Black and Latinx technologists and their allies. This includes planning and executing one-off events, the Early Career Accelerator Program, and the Summit, Code2040’s two-day annual conference in San Francisco.



Created in 2018, Code2040’s new PopUp Series will pilot an outgrowth of the organization’s successful student-focused programs like the Fellows Program, and events like the Summit, with a series of stand-alone workshops and panels designed to engage a broader community of participants, particularly rising Black and Latinx tech professionals. These PopUps will be hosted by trusted, mission-aligned company partners, scaling Code2040’s ability to create unique spaces for Black and Latinx experiences across the industry.

The Summit

The annual Code2040 Summit brings together our vast community from across the country to do three things: learn, empower and connect. 

Building and advocating for diversity and inclusion in a non-diverse industry comes with considerable challenges and barriers. At the Summit, we will explore the tools, resources and actions available from an individual to company level to effectively advocate and progress racial equity in the industry.


Throughout this journey, we will also focus on how the prioritization of self-care allows us all to thrive and be the best “us” we can be in supporting this critical mission.  We will accomplish this through facilitated discussions, workshops and networking opportunities. Learn more!