You know that a commitment to diversity and inclusion at your company requires more than just good intentions. It requires action. We can help. 

At Code2040 we share your goal to have a high performing, passionate, committed, diverse team. We look forward to working with companies who see the business advantage that inclusivity and diversity can bring. If you're serious about finding top talent from all backgrounds and committed to creating a culture that ensures people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to succeed, we want to help you gain access to thousands of talented Black and Latinx engineers and technologists.

All Fellows Program partners have access to a series of benefits based on your partnership level (Start Up, Growth, Emerging, and Enterprise). Your benefits are based in Code2040's partnership philosophy on where to focus your attention in order to best recruit, retain, and develop diverse talent. 

A Fellow Program partnership is not only about hiring Fellow(s) into your company, but is also about simultaneously doing deep, change management work to ensure that your processes and systems are rooted and developed with inclusion at the forefront. To focus your attention solely on hiring is to ignore the areas of development that are essential to not only creating, but maintaining the type of diverse workforce that better reflects the US population and ultimately your consumer base. It is with that idea in mind that we've developed this holistic approach to our partnership where you are able to build inclusion into all areas of your company leading to the type of culture transformation that changes your hopes for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) into a reality.

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