Danielle Owens

Director, Early Career Programs

Born and raised in Southern California, Danielle is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University. She majored in African American Studies after feeling the lack of representation and connection to her history and culture during her primary education. Like so many others she desired to learn more about and connect to her culture and its significance in society. Through her struggles and experiences in both High School and College her passion for equity, inclusion and diverse representation in the education system and workplace began to take root.

Danielle comes to Code2040 after 15 years of working in faith-based organizations where she successfully built and led staff and volunteer teams and oversaw the execution of a variety of programs and events. Through her work she’s enjoyed building intentional relationships with others, creating opportunities to launch volunteers into meaningful work through their skill and passion, and creating programs that impact and change the lives of the communities she’s served. She’s excited to be using her experience to work in her passion at Code2040.

When not working, Danielle can be found lost in a book, enjoying a great glass of wine or on the hunt for the next best restaurant or dining experience. More than all that though, she can be “heard” far and wide cheering her daughters on to success both in life and sports!

This year through the Fellows Program Danielle hopes to 1) Continue to provide a community of support and resources for Fellows in our program. 2) Equip Fellows to advocate for themselves and their personal careers in tech  3) Help Fellows see their role as racial equity advocates in tech as critical and imperative to achieve sustained change and representation of Black and Latinx individuals in the tech economy.