Fern Echevarria

Senior Development Associate

Fern Echevarria is a Development Associate at Code2040. Raised in Orange County, CA with family roots that spread across Mexico and Puerto Rico, she is a first-generation woman raised by an immigrant mother.

In 2011, she sought to escape from the SoCal heat and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend San Francisco State University where she completed her B.A. in Latino/a Studies and Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. Like many before her, she fell madly in love with the city’s iconic political history, arts scene, and breathtaking views!

Upon establishing her roots in the Bay, she found herself drawn to supporting the work of various cultural, community based, and philanthropic organizations in her newfound community. Her early work was centered in the Mission District of San Francisco -- a predominately Latinx, immigrant and working class neighborhood -- facing enormous trauma stemming from issues ranging from gentrification to police brutality murders. There, she served the community by working to document bilingual stories as well as advocating for the preservation of cultural arts in the historic district.

A storyteller at heart, she comes to Code2040 with a desire to fully share the mission and vision of the organization through an interpersonal and creative lens. Like any true millennial - she is an avid lover of sparkling water, beer gardens, and true crime podcasts.