Cracking the code on diversity in tech is the greatest economic opportunity of our time. Code2040 creates pathways to success for Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy.


Our Mission

GOAL: Our mission is to ensure the full representation and leadership of Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy by creating pathways to their educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success in tech.
VISION: Our vision is an innovation economy where Black and Latinx people are contributing as technologists, investors, and leaders, and a country in which we have the economic and social capital needed to thrive and build generational wealth.

Code2040 impacted my life in more than one way. They created a space where I was able to be my whole self and grow professionally and personally. I was able to be part of a community that was supportive and where we were able to be each other peer mentors.
— Kinsley Lesperance, 2016 Fellow + 2017 Senior Fellow