2019 Summit schedule and session descriptions

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8:00am Breakfast catered by Little Skillet

9:00am Welcome 

9:30am Keynote Panel

The Code for Justice: Building for 2040 

with Jocelyn Garibay (Moderator), Malkia Cyril, Sandra Cordero, Juell Stewart, Elise Smith

10:45am 15 minute break


Can we regulate our way out of algorithmic bias?

with Mutale Nkonde (Moderator), Dr. Jamika Burke, Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, Matt Cagle

@ Gallery 308

This panel discussion invites policy analysts, activists and tech lobbyist to discuss tech regulation and the opportunities it presents to ensure racial and social justice in the design and deployment of advanced technological systems.

The Revolution Starts With You: Finding Your Power Through Wellness

with Ida Bezabeh

@ SFMoMA Gallery

In a social and political climate plagued by racial and gender discrimination, it’s increasingly important for people of color to prioritize their mental, physical and spiritual health. We must find peace within ourselves in order to unleash our revolutionary potential as the change agents, leaders and advocates we aspire to be. In this workshop we will:

1. Explore wellness and self care through the lens of racial equity and tech culture

2. Reflect on our own self care practices, identify improvement opportunities and provide a space for open dialogue

Cultivating Intersectional Leadership

with Diedra Barbara and Maureen Benson

@ Embark Gallery

This session is an introduction to a powerful DEI Framework in Organizational, Community and Collective Transformation.  In this session we will explore the COIL (Cultivating Organizational Intersectional Leadership), a cyclical process of:

- Individual Identity, a constant inquiry

- Interpersonal Intention, daily unpacking of and interrupting oppression

- Interdependent Invitation, moving in collective choice to decolonize cultural norms and systems

12:15pm Lunch & Community Building

1:15pm Breakout Sessions

Justice in Pairing

with Julissa Vaccaro-Jansen

@ Gallery 308

Pairing is usually thought of as a knowledge-sharing session with the goal of getting a feature done or a bug fixed. But what if we looked at pairing through a lens of social justice? As programmers we need to account for how the dynamics of race, education, and gender can affect our pairing abilities with our team.

We will examine how organizations can take advantage of pair programming to get work done while driving for equality

Navigating Toxicity in Tech: Tools for Sanity

with Daisy Ozim

@ SFMoMA Gallery

Toxicity can show up in both subtle and acute ways within the tech industry caused by various factors ranging from leadership to policies and procedures. The impact of a toxic workplace can impact the health of tech workers and success of the company. This workshop delves into the ways in which toxicity manifests, how to identify and mitigate the impacts and day to day solutions for creating healthy workplaces and a healthy inner world.

Antiblackness, Prison Abolition, and Call Out Culture

with Malaka Wilson-Greene

@ Embark Gallery

This is an interactive discussion on the intersections between anti-Blackness and how millennials encounter and exercise call out culture in online spaces. Together we will develop a theoretical analysis of Anti-Blackness online, challenge ideas of safety in online spaces, and broaden our analysis to include prison culture, and prison abolition.

2:15pm 30 minute break

2:45pm Breakout Sessions

Redesigning Tech for Equity: Exploring Power, Perspective, and Cultural Identity

with Antionette Carroll

@ Gallery 308

What are the roles of equity, history, and power in designing a more inclusive tech industry for Black and Latinx communities? How have our perspectives been developed in regards to our own cultural identity and how do they influence our work? Understanding that race is not a monolith and racial advocacy requires more than cultural affiliation, in this interactive introductory workshop, participants will learn about and apply award-winning Equity-Centered Community Design strategies to examine how their own identities shape design and decision-making in collaborative processes, analyze how narratives around history and culture have (or have not) prepared Black and Latinx communities to step into their power, and begin to develop the personal foundation for becoming a new type of civic leader: an Equity Designer (or Design Ally working in solidarity). This session is intended for any and all with an interest in better understanding their relationship to power and their role in either upholding or dismantling oppressive systems for communities of color.

Using Tech to Combat Workplace Discrimination

with Sarah Kim (Moderator), Francisco Izaguirre, Angelic Williams, Octavia Zahrt

@ SFMoMA Gallery

In this session, we will look at ways that we can use technology (AI, data, etc) to drive workplace equity. I will represent Riva, a company that is fighting the wage gap by building a tech-enabled platform to empower women, people of color and other underrepresented groups to ask for and get paid what they deserve. Other speakers on this panel would address similar ways in which technology can be built to equal the playing field.

Tech & Gentrification in San Francisco

with Carey McClelland (Moderator), Edwin Lindo, Caille Millner, Nicole Sanchez

@ Embark Gallery

None of us are strangers to the wave of change that hit the Bay Area as a result of the tech boom. Gentrification, displacement, homelessness have become daily topics of discussion and controversy. Here and across the country, the boundaries, demographics and the very idea of community are changing day by day. How can we all -- those of us on the front lines of protests, those inside the industry, those in government, those elsewhere -- join together to build solutions?

4:00pm 15 minute break

4:15pm Code2040 Talk with Karla Monterroso

5:00pm End of day 

6:00-10:00pm After Party


@ Southern Exposure, 3030 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110