Through our new Transformational Learning Department, we design and deliver racial equity and inclusion trainings, building up skills in advocacy, management of diverse teams, and operationalizing racial equity within one’s company.

Read through the Code2040 Buffet for a rundown of all 2019 offerings and a deeper dive into the trainings listed below. Once you have an idea of what you’re interested in, fill out the contact sheet and a member of our team will be in touch with additional details and next steps.

Trainings Overview


Foundational Trainings

Code2040 has four foundational sessions that are readily available to you and your company. We hold these trainings at your office with a group of people as little as 10 to 100 (depending on the subject). We have trained more than 600 people in our curriculum and are looking forward to expanding that work this year.


Middle Managers

A multi-session training in racial equity and inclusion for Middle Managers in the tech industry. These sessions are designed for managers who want to explore leading edge ideas in managing a racially diverse workforce. While some level setting in understanding systemic racism and basic/beginners racial identity development work is embedded within the training design, this is not an unconscious bias training nor is it designed to convince participants that a “diversity” problem exists.


Allies & Accomplices

A new multi-session training in racial equity and inclusion for Allies & Accomplices in the tech industry. This training is designed for self-identified White allies & accomplices and/or White folks interested in what it means to identify as such and how.