Code2040 creates pathways to success for Black and Latinx people in the innovation economy.


Our Mission

GOAL: We believe that Black and Latinx people are powerful innovators. Our Bold Goal is that, by 2040, we are recognized and valued as such, we are leading benefactors to and beneficiaries of the innovation economy, and we have the economic and social capital we need to thrive and to build generational wealth.
VISION: We believe the nation as a whole will be stronger when the contributions of communities of color are sought out and included within the innovation economy. As result, in 2040, we envision a nation as a whole that is more equitable, innovative, and prosperous.

In 2040, Black and Latinx people are recognized and valued as powerful architects of technological, economic, and societal innovations. We are visible and prolific in the Innovation Economy. We are hugely successful across a wide range of metrics, within and beyond the Innovation Economy. Black and Latinx people's unique contributions are sought after and we have the power to pursue whatever career paths and opportunities we want. We see our success as possible and believable, and know that—without a doubt—we are capable. In 2040, Black and Latinx people succeed by being who we are, not by leaving parts of our identities behind.

Through Code2040 I have built much more confidence in myself. I’ve connected with people at the center of innovation and technology who are working on important causes and executing their great ideas. This has started a fire in me to expand my choices and create a path to success.
— Xiomara Figueroa, 2014 Code2040 Fellow