Lead With Compassion

We are leaders, standing up for what we believe is right and creating conditions that inspire others to both lead with us and to follow. We recognize the full humanity of those with whom we collaborate and those with whom we disagree. We focus on the hard but vital work that comes with applying deep listening, practicing candor, embracing vulnerability, and understanding our own power and fallibility.

Leadership Principles

  • Be direct and be kind

  • Hard conversations are the ones worth having

  • Approach all people with empathy

Build Inclusively

We are building an organization and a movement where we can safely be our whole selves. We focus on, honor, and support Black and Latinx communities. We create safe spaces and scalable systems that welcome those from every background and that encourage all to contribute their distinct gifts. We believe collaboration makes us stronger and impact is more important than recognition.

Leadership Principles

  • What works for one may not work for all

  • Disagreement can build understanding

  • Everybody has a role to play

Learn and Grow

We practice growth mindset. We take smart risks. We know innovation is messy and we learn from both our successes and our failures. We cultivate curiosity in order to better understand and learn from different points of view. We believe in our community’s talents and their ability to grow and learn.

Leadership Principles

  • Feedback is data

  • It’s only true failure if you haven’t learned a lesson

  • Discomfort signals a chance to learn


We believe our communities deserve to not just survive but to thrive, not someday but today. We believe that we do our most impactful, sustainable work when we are taking care of ourselves and one another intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We are building for today and for tomorrow and do not sacrifice one for the other.

Leadership Principles

  • The best choice for the long run is the best choice for the short run

  • Caring for yourself allows you to care for others

  • Lift others up